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The MS Hybrid (Minnow Shrimp Hybrid) Is a great cross of two popular inshore prey (8 per pack) 3.5 Inches long. The reccomended hook for this bait is the Eye-Strike Trout Eye Jighead in the 1/8oz - 1/4oz weights. The lighter you can get away with the better it will be for catching fish especially while sight fishing or during colder seasons.

  • Omen lures float so the action is even better as it glides to the bottom or darts side to side
  • Tight wiggle on straight retrieve allows for a perfect glass minnow immitation 
  • Fantastic for sight fishing
  • Great bait for the colder months when bounced around
  • Bouyant body allows tail to glide up when using stand up style jigheads 
  • Material is soft and scent absorbant but can still withstand multiple large fish. 
  • Custom requests are available on this lure
  • Original bait mold designed by "Enforcer Bait Molds"


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    Cold front secret

    Posted by Franco Ortiz on Feb 8th 2023

    I saw Andreas use and talk about these lures during one of the colder weeks in his videos. I was skeptical of the simple profile but decided to add one pack of them to the cart since I was ordering other baits anyways. Turned out to be a great call because that following Sunday my son and I went fishing out in Yankeetown and the fish were lock jaw cause of the cold front. We could not get them to eat anything except these MS Hybrids on a light jig head. After about 7 or 8 redfish and a couple trout we ran out.... definitely should have gotten a second pack. Great craftsmanship as always though from Andreas. looking forward to ordering some more custom colors next time.